Torn between loyalty to their family and the desire to choose their own love partners, young women and men from the second generation of the Turkish immigration in Austria confront the tradition of “arranged marriage.”

Documentary, 50’, 2004.

Producers :Lucie Pastor, Fabienne Servan Schreiber, CINÉTÉVÉ (France) & Johannes Rosenberger, Navigator Film (Austria)
In coproduction with ARTE, Sylvie Jezequel.
Written and directed by: Nathalie Borgers
Image: Johannes Hammel
Sound: Elisabeth Tanrikulu
Editing: Marie Da Costa
Music: Rainier Lericolays
Production manager Austria: Andrea Minauf
Production manager France : Marlène Vanthuyne

Vertrieb: Autlook Filmsales

ARTE, October 25, 2005.

2005: Diagonale (A)

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