Photo: © Leni Deinhardstein

Born in 1964 in Brussels, Belgium, Borgers first works as a journalist for the Belgian television (RTBF). In 1987, she moves to San Francisco to further study directing and producing at San Francisco State University. In 1989, she wins the student « Documentary Writing » award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Northern California Chapter. After graduating from the Broadcasting arts department in 1990, she moves back to Europe and soon prepares Truth Under Siege, (1994), a documentary about the resistance of journalists in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia during the war. The film, co-produced and co-directed in 1994 with Leslie Asako Gladsjo, has been broadcast in Europe, Canada, and Australia. It was selected in many festivals around the world and won several prizes, including the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Since then, Borgers has written and directed many award-winning documentaries including Greyhound, Aller simple (Greyhound, one-way ticket, 1998), a road movie questioning the American dream ; Das Arrangement (The Arrangement, 2005), the portraits of young Austrian women from Turkish descent facing the tradition of arranged marriages; Winds of sand, women of rock (2009), the tale of a tradition carried by Tubu women in the Sahara; Greetings from the colony (2011), the story of Suzanne, the child of a colonial State agent and an African woman in a time when interracial unions were banned, recently selected at Hotdocs, Toronto, and Vues d’Afrique (Montréal).

4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. I just viewed your film Witness: Greetings from the Colony, via Al Jazeera. A thoughtfully researched and touching story that leaves a question, always: what has happened since? Is your aunt still alive? What happened to your Uncle Jean who died? Thank you for sharing this part of your life that others preferred to keep hidden.

  2. I saw the movie last night on Witness. It says that Suzanne passed away. No further mentioning about Jean. I would love to read a book that Suzanne wrote.

  3. Hi Nathalie,

    A stab from the past: Keith Sanborn. We collaborated on the translation of Can Dialectics Break Bricks when you were in San Francisco.

    Please reply by private email. I have some news.


  4. Sehr geehrte Frau Borgers!

    Ihre wunderbare Dokumentation “Die Frauenkarawane” hat mich 2017 zu meiner Komposition “Ténéré” inspiriert.
    Das Lied ist im selben Jahr auf der ersten CD meiner Band “Sirens Harbor” erschienen.

    Hier ein Link zu dem Lied:

    Danke für Ihre tolle Arbeit, die meinen kreativen Geist geweckt hat.

    Liebe Grüße

    Wolfgang R. Zissler

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