For two decades now, thousands of refugees have embarked on the perilous journey over the Mediterranean to reach safety and the dream of a new home free from war. But when a shipwreck makes the news these days, it’s usually confined to a few details and the number of casualties.
Who helps look for the missing? What happens if they don’t turn up? Who takes care of the many nameless, unidentified bodies? How do families cope?
Inspired by Sophocles’ ancient yet still resonant plea for human dignity, Nathalie Borgers’ film THE REMAINS follows two parallel narratives. The first focuses on those left to deal with the remains of each terrible shipwreck, half-forgotten by the rest of the world: the Greek islanders, cemetery gardeners, coastguards, fishermen, interpreters, and the asylum seekers still stuck in the island camp. Against that background she portrays a Syrian family’s reunion in Vienna, and the inconsolable sadness of losing 13 relatives whose bodies were never found, a grief that can find no resting place.


Feature Documentary, 89 min., 2018 Production: Navigatorfilm GmbH (Austria)

Awards :
NOMINEE, Willy Brand PRIZE for Freedom and human Rights (Berlin Human Rights Film Festival 2019)
NOMINEE, Europa Prize, Potsdam 2019
SPECIAL JURY PRIZE, Festival International des Films sur les Droits Humains, Paris, 2019
DOCUMENTARY AWARD (Humanitarian), The Wifts Foundation (Women’s International Film and Television Showcase), Los Angeles

* DIAGONALE, Graz, Competition, 2019
* FIFF Créteil, Competition, 2019
* Dok.Fest München, 2019
*Lerapetra International Documentary Festival, Creta, 2019
*Interférences, Lyon, 2019
* Berlin Human Rights Film Festival 2019
* FIFDH, Paris, 2019
* Tertio Milenio Film Festival, Rome 2019
* Which Human Rights ? Film Festival, Istanbul, 2019
* Peloponnes International Film Festival, Kalamata, 2020
* One World Festival, Prag, 2020

SALES: Catherine Chevassu, C&CO

REALFICTION (GERMANY): http://www.realfictionfilme.de facebook.com/real.fiction.filmverleih
Screenbox (BELGIUM).

Written & Directed by Nathalie Borgers
Camera: Johannes Hammel
Sound: Peter Rösner
Editing: Sophie Reiter
Producer: Johannes Rosenberger, Constantin Wulff, Johannes Holzhauser

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